The possibilities of Van keulen breeding cages are endless. There is no limit to the height in which they can be constructed and lengthwise new blocks can be added indefinitely. Breeding cages can be supplied in many sizes and models. With or without nest drawers, with heavy or light fronts, with fixed or extending partitions. The system is so handy because it is sectional and can be assembled bare-handed. As a matter of course we supply all accessories that help you make your hobby a perfect one

Van keulen has had a 60 years experience with shop designs. You will not be suprised, therefore, that our cage system can be found in countless animal specialist shops. The use of plasticized materials guarantees low cost of maintenance and prolonged life span, which will appeal to every shopkeeper. Your customers will be pleased with the good incidence of light in the cages, which warrants full visibility of the birds.

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